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Salt Eliquid Packaging Top View

In chemistry, salt is defined as any chemical compound formed from the reaction of an acid with a base, with all or part of the hydrogen of the acid replaced by a metal or other cation. We all know salt to be a crystallized matter that is found in the earth and sea. Salt is all around us. The crystalline structures were complex yet minimal.

Salt Eliquid Logo

In our attempt to illustrate the moniker, we examined the words commonly associated with sea, ocean, waves, swell, etc. and sketched out a few abstractions. Inspired by the structure of the salt crystal, we adopted the minimalist approach as the fundamental building block of Salt’s design language. Less is more. 


Something we’ve struggled with our previous brands was content legibility and our choice of colors(text and background) had a lot to do with that. In this project, the extensive use of negative space, balanced pops of geometric shapes and bold colors enforce the flavoring while increasing legibility.

Salt Eliquid Mango

Salt Eliquid Apple


A simplistic approach to a complicated process.
Salt Eliquid Tobacco

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